Teddy’s umbrella

Panda class had a wonderful afternoon conducting a science experiment. They were given the task of finding which material- cloth, tin foil, cling film, or paper- would make the most waterproof umbrella for Teddy.

Here are some photos of our budding scientists!


Today we had great fun in Computing learning to use algorithms (sets of instructions) to make robots complete tasks. The children had to direct the robots to write their names, move characters around a board and push blocks off the table!
They did a great job and showed excellent team work and cooperation.4D747C85-C33E-43BD-B61D-749CE3AEEA1B0D7802CD-8F8F-41F2-BC96-FA37D559C6793B56E533-9D16-479C-8F35-02FF9BF3D657E67EB493-5708-426E-8F6E-AA7A7C08D3FAD57BD881-78B4-4FA2-BD55-391BAA45FFF79156658B-36E6-46A4-9870-B669ABDD6BBBCF0221BB-CC0A-4E9C-8CAF-EA2FB658DB04