Freeze frame!!

This week in writing we have been learning all about factfiles and how to write them. Next week we begin writing a factfile all about letters and what happens to them after they are posted through the postbox.

Here are som pictures of Panda class using drama freeze frames to show different stages of a letter’s journey to your doormat!

Geography walk

This week in Geography, Panda Class conducted observational fieldwork of the school and its grounds. To record what we found, we made Journey Sticks. These sticks told a story of the natural environment of our school. We added a range of items- leaves, twigs, feathers, conkers, tree bark rubbings.

The children did really well and were very proud of what they made. Great job Pandas!!

Where We Live!

Welcome to our new Topic- Where We Live.

This half term Panda class will be reading The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. This links to our topic about the local area. We will be using Geography lessons to explore the local environment and conduct some simple fieldwork.


Today we had great fun in Computing learning to use algorithms (sets of instructions) to make robots complete tasks. The children had to direct the robots to write their names, move characters around a board and push blocks off the table!
They did a great job and showed excellent team work and cooperation.4D747C85-C33E-43BD-B61D-749CE3AEEA1B0D7802CD-8F8F-41F2-BC96-FA37D559C6793B56E533-9D16-479C-8F35-02FF9BF3D657E67EB493-5708-426E-8F6E-AA7A7C08D3FAD57BD881-78B4-4FA2-BD55-391BAA45FFF79156658B-36E6-46A4-9870-B669ABDD6BBBCF0221BB-CC0A-4E9C-8CAF-EA2FB658DB04

Art- The Toy Shop

For the last few weeks in art we have been looking at The Toy Shop, a piece by Peter Blake. We have been trying to replicate his original, firstly by painting the door and walls and then by collaging the toy shop window with toy pictures. Finally, we have added details, such as th window frame and door handles.

Here are some pictures of Panda class hard at work and one of a finished piece.

First full week

We have had a fantastic first full week back in Panda Class.

In writing, we have been using adjectives to describe characters from our toy themed text, Traction Man and film, Toy Story.

For PE we were very lucky to have our first ballet class. The children did a fantastic job, showing excellent control and balance.

Looking forward to another fun filled week!