Naming and identifying plants in Science.

Today we named plants and went outside to identify them. We spotted daffodils, roses, daisies and ivy.

Space art

Over the past three weeks we have been working on a space picture in our art lessons.

We started off by painting a rocket, we then collaged planets using coloured tisssue paper and splatted white paint for the stars. We finished it off with some gold and silver glitter. They looked fabulous!!

Here are a few examples… d77c8f9f-7119-48f2-a636-f0325bb26475


Our current piece of writing is a fact file all about owls. So what better way to learn about this nocturnal creature than to do a spot of role play!

Panda class learnt some facts about different species of owls before designing their own owl masks. They then took in turns to play the owl and answer questions from their curious classmates.


Freeze frame!!

This week in writing we have been learning all about factfiles and how to write them. Next week we begin writing a factfile all about letters and what happens to them after they are posted through the postbox.

Here are som pictures of Panda class using drama freeze frames to show different stages of a letter’s journey to your doormat!

Geography walk

This week in Geography, Panda Class conducted observational fieldwork of the school and its grounds. To record what we found, we made Journey Sticks. These sticks told a story of the natural environment of our school. We added a range of items- leaves, twigs, feathers, conkers, tree bark rubbings.

The children did really well and were very proud of what they made. Great job Pandas!!